22 December, 2023

Santiago Sarmiento Named 2023 Associate of the Year

Santiago Sarmiento of Sarmiento’s LLC was named the Home Builders Association’s 2023 Associate of the Year at the HBA’s annual Holiday & Installation Banquet at the Salem Convention Center on December 13th. The award is given annually to recognize outstanding contributions to the HBA, the building industry and the local community.

Santiago Sarmiento’s involvement with the HBA has been noteworthy. In the previous year, he served as the HBA’s Associate Vice-President, showing leadership and dedication to the association’s growth.

However, Santiago’s impact goes beyond his official role. He’s been actively engaged in industry and community initiatives. Notably, he played a crucial role in the HBA’s New Product House project, which showcases innovation in homebuilding and raises funds for industry-related political action, as well as generously donating his services to a house built each year by Advanced Construction Education, a non-profit that provides high school students with hands-on experience in home design, construction, and sales.

Outside the industry, Santiago has given back to the community by offering discounted services to La Casa, a local non-profit providing housing for low-income individuals. He’s also assisted elderly, low-income seniors in ensuring their homes are safe and comfortable.

Santiago’s humility is demonstrated by his support for various charitable projects, many of which he prefers not to publicize. His commitment to making a difference in the lives of others is both remarkable and unassuming.

Builder Mike Riddle commended Santiago, saying, “Santiago is one of the most genuine and generous people I know.”

Santiago Sarmiento’s dedication to the industry and community is an example for all. His selfless contributions and commitment make him an essential part of the Home Builders Association.

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