27 October, 2023

HBA Member Gas Prices Drop to $3.30 per Gallon

Association members enrolled in the HBA’s group fuel purchasing program are paying only $3.30 per gallon for unleaded and $4.13 per gallon for diesel as of Thursday, October 26th, savings of nearly $1 per gallon. The group fuel purchasing program through Ed Staub Petroleum allows members to purchase fuel at Pacific Pride and CFN card lock stations at only 9 cents per gallon over the wholesale price, thanks to the collective buying power of thousands of Home Builders Association members throughout Marion & Polk Counties and across the state of Oregon. Most members enrolled in the program save far more than the cost of their annual HBA membership dues. While current pricing is a greater discount than typically seen, over time the HBA’s discount program has averaged close to 40 cents per gallon below retail pricing. If you’d like information on enrolling in the program, contact Kathy Temple at Ed Staub Petroleum at 541-408-5155.

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