16 January, 2024

Don’t Get Scammed by Email List Vendors

A number of HBA members have reported receiving emails from rogue list brokers in recent weeks, with fraudulent offers to sell HBA member lists and emails. Unfortunately, some members have paid money to these spammers, only to find that they’re not getting the lists they were promised. Please be aware that the Home Builders Association does not authorize any third parties to sell lists of members or their emails.

Unfortunately, this is an increasingly common scam impacting trade associations across the country and these scammers are, in many cases, based overseas and simply phishing for personal information and/or trying to rip off unsuspecting victims. Responding to these emails may also confirm to the spammers that they have reached a valid email address, increasing the likelihood that you’ll receive even more unsolicited spam emails in your inbox.

Be aware of these scams and don’t get burned by these fraudulent offers.

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